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In our Zhineng Qigong Mingjue Academy, mingjue-awakening pure consciousness is the core of all practice. All methods will be practiced at a Mingjue level consciousness, which is the third level of entirety practice in Zhineng Qigng.

We mainly focus on gongfu training to improve the life ability and life quality. Once a person’s consciousness and qi improve to a high level, physical and psychological problems as well as problems in society can transform and disappear naturally. Our life will be healthier, freer and happier.

All the participants support the world consciousness field and at the same time everyone is supported by the consciousness field.

The Zhineng Qigong Mingjue Academy offers long-term Mingjue Gongfu training online programs (1-year training) and Mingjue Gongfu teacher online training (1-year teacher training), for which the participants can join our Community Membership Program
All courses of the Mingjue Gongfu training program are also offered as individual online courses. All our programs and courses are translated into various languages by our international organizers.

The four main contents of the academy are: theory, methods, gongfu training and application.


  • Three levels matter theory
  • Hunyuan qi and hunhua theory
  • Entirety theory
  • Human hunyuan qi theory
  • Consciousness theory (yiyuanti, mingjue, true self, freedom, love, happiness, ego, emotions)
  • The second life system
  • Daode theory (relationships and consciousness state)
  • Qigong medicine
  • Heart theory
  • Practice theory
  • The theory of consciousness decision


  • Mingjue sitting meditation key methods – chanting shenji and N
  • Mingjue breathing methods – lingjue breathing, tianmen (heavenly gate) breathing, right angle breathing, throat breathing, mingmen (lower dantian) breathing, qi body and universe breathing
  • Mingjue standing meditation
  • Mingjue practice – the essence of level one: open and close; push and pull; big circulation, universe breathing
  • Mingjue practice – the key methods of level two: crane head, chenqi, bow body, rotate lower dantian and spine, coccyx and caterpillar movement
  • Mingjue practice – the key methods of level three: sounds, hunyuan palace, shaking feather
  • Mingjue – super abilities methods
  • Mingjue – straight leg sitting meditation: practice innate qi and gather qi into spine
  • Mingjue massage abdomen
  • Mingjue lying meditation
  • Mingjue walking and running meditation

Gongfu training

We will manage everybody diligently through a group practice and personal practice program to achieve the real abilities-gongfu for body, qi and consciousness.

  • relaxation
  • concentration
  • observation
  • open inner space
  • the abundance and flow of qi
  • strong, flexible and beautiful body
  • visualization
  • super abilities for transformation
  • will power
  • centered mingjue entirety state
  • purity, clarity and peace
  • stability and flexibility of consciousness
  • awakening and wisdom
  • compassion and universal love


  • Mingjue transformation and healing
  • Mingjue love relationship
  • Mingjue stable, centered consciousness in life

Zhineng Qigong Mingjue Academy program

The Mingjue Gongfu program is very simple but covers the essential methods for improving the entire life on body, qi and consciousness. It focuses on purifying and stabilizing consciousness, makes body qi abundant and flowing well, makes body strong, flexible, and beautiful.

Organizers and Mingjue Gongfu teachers will regularly lead practices in different groups. You have the opportunity to participate in the group that suits you. You can also practice by yourself or follow the course recordings.

Contents of the practice program and one-year course

  • Sitting mingjue meditation: mingjue say N, mingjue love observe and purify the whole qi body. This is the best way to improve consciousness, open inner space, transform and purify body qi.
  • Mingjue standing meditation: with open and close, and mingmen universe beathing. This method can transform (hunhua) internal qi and universe qi, make inner qi abundant, form a strong centered mingjue entirety.
  • Big circulation: scan the whole body, purify, clean and transform internal qi.
  • Bow body, caterpillar and coccyx movement: gather qi into mingmen and spine, make body strong and flexible.
  • Lying meditation before sleep (practice by self): mingjue love observe the whole body, create inner space, sleep in mingmen and practice in subconsciousness.

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健康长寿 jian kang chang shou = health, longevity;
和谐自控 he xie zi kong = harmony, self-control;
自由自觉 zi you zi jue = freedom, self-aware;
美满平等 mei man ping deng = happy, satisfactory, equality