Learn about the World Consciousness Community

What is The World Consciousness Community and why do we build and connect with a high level consciousness field? In this video teacher Wei gives you the answers.

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Introduction to Mingjue

Through our inner observer we develop a clear, pure and stable consciousness state and awaken to our true self.

Healing & Transformation
with pure consciousness

Purifying The Consciousness Field

The Evolution of Human Consciousness

Mingjue - 3 Life changing experiences

Mingjue awakening consciousness

Mingjue relationships in daily life

Experience your Consciousness

Experience your consciousness in the present moment. The consciousness goes beyond thoughts. You will realize this awakened reality. This is Mingjue – very clear, without any fixations and limitations.

Mingjue Gongfu Training Class 1st day

The Mingjue Gongfu Training Online Course started in September 2020 and lasts 8 months. In this video we give you an insight of the first day of the intensive course.

Daily Mingjue Meditation

We would like to invite you to build the world consciousness field heart to heart and welcome everybody to join our Mingjue meditation:

everyday Beijing time, during 6~8 am, 1~2 pm, 8~9 pm, we practice Mingjue meditation heart to heart for building the world awakening consciousness field. Teacher Wei will always be there during the Mingjue meditation.

This is how everybody joins the world consciousness field: sit, stand or lie, relax the body, change into qi and merge with the universe, your pure consciousness merges into universe and merges with each other to form a powerful consciousness field, keep staying in the pure infinite state of the consciousness field, experience universal love, do nothing else. You can enjoy this state at least 5 minutes, but the longer the better. The consciousness field and universe qi will transform your life.

Yi Yuan Ti - Who am i

Yi yuan ti reference frame

Real Acceptance

Foundations for a transformative high-level practice

Teacher Wei explains that it is very easy to practice Zhineng Qigong: practice every day and Qi will become abundant. The high-level Zhineng Qigong practice means the daily practice: relaxation, concentration, merging pure consciousness with the inner space of the body, feel inner peace and harmony and the infinite entirety with the whole universe. Enjoy!

Mingjue - Goes beyond and transforms emotions

Awaken your consciousness with Mingjue

Mingjue - Trueself - Yi Yuan Ti - Universal love

Share the transformation

In this video Tomas is sharing his experiences with us.

Have a clear purpose and motivation for your Zhineng QiGong practice

In this video teacher Wei explains the importance of having a clear purpose for Zhineng Qigong practice. If we understand the state of entirety and apply it in every exercise and in our daily life, we can practice every method, and with each practice we will strengthen this state.

Purify the energy field with your pure consciousness

Improve your immune system with pure consciousness

Practice from your deepest heart level and improve your life