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Read below what our participants say about our last 8-month Mingjue Gongfu online course:

Thank you very much Teacher Wei for a beautiful eight months. For your generosity, your commitment, your love and your reassurance. Thank you also all organizers. What an amazing job you all did. Creating such a beautiful strong community from all over the world with one Mind and one heart, always with kindness and love. It’s amazing really. I feel very grateful and fortunate.

It was truly profound. things that are so rare to find in this in depth, the
power of what was shared. and to the other teachers who have been
present with their classes which all support this as well.

I would recommend the course because it is the most in depth course available with high quality teaching. The online delivery was very professionally done.

I liked the long nature of the course, because it was run over 8 months, it really felt like it was helping me to embed the practices into my daily life. I liked the depth of the teaching, it really made me feel I was on the right path, I liked the feeling of being looked after, like I was part of a community, that I was not alone on the journey.

It was good time, I spent wonderful time, and it was worth doing that, every minute. Is there something more precious like coming back home? Thank You Master Wei and the whole team.

It shows you who you really are. How can You be more happy. Open you into new levels of life, understanding what it is all about it. It put in order knowledge and informations you have from other topics, bring better understanding of qi gong practice and energy, qi. And work with you all the time. It is really life changing, because it not changes your world but you inside. Seeing it is freedom.

I would recommend the Mingjue Gongfu course to anyone who wants to practice at a deeper and more genuine level.

My deep gratitude for Wei’s awesome presence and ability to teach and facilitate.

I am so impressed with what Teacher Wei and the World Consciousness Community have accomplished with this retreat. I look forward to learning and practicing more. Thank you from my heart.

I liked the quality of the teaching, it was exceptionally good.

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The laws of life and universe

Whole body inside is very deep universal space. Inside is like a very quiet night. Consciousness merges with the Qi body inner space deeply. This is the foundation for practicing all the other levels.

Our human hunyuan Qi always changes, from visible to invisible. Form and formless change into each other. Just follow the natural principles and your consciousness makes it happen faster.

– Wei Qifeng