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Mingjue Experience stories

We would like to thank every participant of our Mingjue classes for sharing their beautiful healing stories and experiences with us.

“Because of all that I have suffered in my life, the death of a child included, I realized that the dreg of pain can be unlimited, bottomless, I realized that it was a tune with which I connected… I kept observing and realized that emotions are also in my body and that if I was in a state of relaxation and deep observation (mingjue) I could really release emotions, observing them as a manifestation of something, then I saw that it was a retained energy, like when a shoulder hurts because it is tense. We can exercise in observing emissions without identifying with them… how teacher Wei said observe deeply.”

“Today in my standing meditation I felt a complete information change in my body. Like a completely new energy entirety information field was forming. I don’t know if that’s the right description? But I saw a new energy structure forming in my body. It was very beautiful. Clear & bright. A lot of pain and blockages are coming out also. Like a deep clean. A deep purification. But my mind is becoming more and more spacious and stable enough to hold them and clearly observe. I watched fairly peacefully how my mind immediately reacted to pain with fear. How actually the fear not the pain is the problem. But I kept centred. Kept in Shenji. My observation went deeper & deeper into the blockages but I was able to hold in Shenji. For periods of time I was able to watch the information of old trauma and injuries in my body arise from space & dissolve into space. I saw the old injuries were just old information. Constantly arising and dissolving into emptiness. Also the experience of entirety gets stronger. But also the deeper the observation the deeper I experience blockages also. But with more ability to observe them. There is still a long way to go. I still need to continue developing stability of mind. But I am feeling huge changes already. Big shifts in a very short space of time. Haola!”

“I was born with multiple congenital arthrogryposis. When I was born I had severe joint movement limitations and I had hip detachment. As a consequence of this all my life I have lived with a shorter foot than the other. The difference between the length of my feet is 4 cm and I cannot bend my knee. I have always been lame. When I practice qigong I must always look for a posture that compensates for the difference to maintain balance. The experience with standing meditation, both in my practice today (the one sent by Master Wei), was wonderful because when placing my ankles a slightly outwards, it was as if the hip adjusted and when I raised Baihui I felt that the posture was correct for me, I felt that my whole body adjusted. I had a sensation of fullness in my body and I realized that it was the sensation of a person with completely healthy hips, feet and spine. For the first time I felt that I was a complete person. I felt unity and harmony with the entire Universe. Thank you Teacher Wei, thank you all for the Field of Consciousness.”

“So layer and layer we are shedding our old self Reference Framework and naturally there is a part in us that feels the need to protect that old layer, hang on tight to the past and all the stories that are keeping me slave and not free. So now that I’m aware of it I feel relaxed and happy. How beautiful this process is, how accurate everything is, even “ lazy moments” are Qi moving me to deeper understanding and then to deep healing.”

“I am usually very shy and insecure, and that have changed. My practice have changed my to be a more comfortable and safe human. I have learned to observe and relax also, that have been an important topic on this experience.”

“I could also feel the inner smile in the whole body and qi, and felt a new level of influence over my whole body/qi, without trying to mediate actions with thinking. Also experiencing the body as empty is much more easily, and feeling parts of the body more directly, rather than just the external image or physicality of them, not relying on my preconceived ideas of body and energy etc. ”

“The thing is to connect with our consciousness and specifically with the observer. The longer you stay in the Observer, the purer you get. The longer you are there, the more you relax and concentrate. The Observer is me and I control my entire body of Qi and, staying in that position, I am light as air and here I can expand very far…The more I maintain consciousness in that state, the deeper and more stable I am, if a distraction occurs I observe and return to the Qi state quickly.”

“I used to be a very rational, worried, thinking person. I was proud of my clear, fast, brilliant (?) mind. Since I started to practice ZNQG, my previous mind went on holidays. From time to time it wants to reappear, but there is a voice that says RELAX! I cannot think like before anymore. I am surprised and happy. A deep, wide confidence in life is growing every day, more and more. Calm, peace, joy… Openness, lightness. ShenJi is like a magic sound. When I say/think/remember ShenJi, ShenJi palace open, expand, and the vibration occupies all the space. A few days ago I went to the see, and the babbling of the waves sounded Shen Ji! I was so happy, and also touched, because I connected with love, universal love, and the whole love community.”

“When I was practicing shen ji earlier it was similar to the last few months, after a while my body and mind relax. Again and again clouds of thoughts appear and then move on again. Then it becomes more and more peaceful and quiet. Until I eventually finish the exercise. When I wanted to finish the exercise today and come to the lower dantien and open my eyes, a wonderful flowery energy wafted through me. It felt like the purest, most delicate flower I’ve ever seen. When the teachers speak of the “baby heart”, that’s how I imagine it. It just filled everything in and made me feel safe within myself. I just observed it and enjoyed it.”

“When I sit relaxed and say ShenJi – feel and observe ShenJi Palace I see empty space – often a tiny little invisible spot appears in the center – sometimes it’s lightning with a darker surrounding circle or hole which expands into empty space – sooner or later there is this moment – I feel like a drop that falls into water/ocean – time standstill – empty endless space Peace, Silence.”

“Living through shenji palace my “mind?”now is much clearer, the colours brighter, I see things which were always there but have not noticed before and I feel more self confident. Whenever I realize distracting thoughts or feel stiffness (old reference framework) coming back, I just pronounce shenji or even without pronunciation, I just go to shenji palace, my brain relaxes (it is always tense) and so my body and everything is well.”

“When I focus on going deeper into the qi body and extend shenji palace – bright and large and transparent – into the other dantians until everything feels dissolved and peaceful, then the bow body down practice is also very beautiful. My feet seem deep in the earth. When my arms stretch up, they and the spine elongate and go beyond the earth into space, and I feel hugely tall. Opening the arms wide it is like floating and being held in embrace by the world consciousness field; closing the arms to the front feels really nice, gathering qi to the front then lifting it up and pouring it down the qi feels abundant and full of love. The other morning after the practice, I woke up and still had the joyous feeling in my heart from the night before.”

“Dear everyone I want to share with you, when I started this course I was full of doubt and worry about many things I wanted to change in my life. Shortly after starting the course a very good friend who lives in Australia was diagnosed with secondary cancer, I felt shocked and helpless, even though I had this qigong healing knowledge I didn’t feel able to help. Teacher Wei encouraged and supported me to help him with Qigong. So now for the past 3 weeks I’ve been leading him and several other friends in qigong healing online twice a week. The qi field is very strong. The friend who had a cancer diagnosis feels very energised after the meditation and is able to smile again. The consciousness field reaches everywhere, has no boundaries. A recent hospital exam shows promising results. He is receiving immunotherapy which may or may not work, in his case it is working and I believe the Qifield is also supporting his recovery.
Another observation is that with every practise every meditation my consciousness also becomes stronger. My mind, emotional and physical state has become very stable and healthy. My mind has become so quiet and peaceful, I’ve become more connected with myself. Yesterday during my walk in nature I could feel my whole body vibrating. Is that my Qibody? I think so. Thank you for contributing to my developing consciousness, Teacher Wei and all participants. Hao La!”