Meet Organizer Nicolas Lovet-Durbet

Happiness, Laughter and Zhineng Qi Gong 

I am here with Nicolas Lovet-Durbet, the organizer from France. We are here to have a conversation about his encounter with teacher Wei.

N. Hello everybody. Thank you for inviting me.
I met teacher Wei in 2016, and it was a workshop where we practiced the sound “N”. It was unexpected. It was the first time I had done a Zhineng Qi Gong workshop led by a Chinese teacher. We were practicing the sound “N” for five or eight hours a day! The aim was to arrive at the pure consciousness state. After a few days of this practice, I became convinced that teacher Wei was the person that would help me to reach the awakening state of being.

When I saw the impact he had on my life I went to China for the teacher training lasting three months. There were people from all over the world. It was very inspiring to practice Zhineng Qi Gong, fasting and silence. It was very touching to share and live in the community with all these teachers. It was also touching to share with people from all over the world. We all entered into a “new normal” of giving and receiving good information to each other. . . 

The first year we were in Chengdu on the Western part of China.  Beyond Chengdu lies Tibet, and the mountains are higher. We were in the Qingchen Mountain where people practice diligently to transform the vegetation in order to create a great healing capacity in plants. So, the plants there are known to have a greater healing capacity than in other places in China. In that place there were only three hotels, one road, and the rest were just Daoist and Buddhist temples.

The field was amazing! I was able to merge into the universe very quickly although I was a beginner. We all wanted to transform the culture and society to the awakening state. After this trip I came back twice again for three months each time.

R. What came into being from this experience?

N. I created a community after I came back the first year. This became a job for me, and an opportunity to continue collaborating with teacher Wei. My community has grown together through these years. We are still in the process of transformation.

R. How has this whole experience transformed you?

N. It transformed my whole life and all my relationships. It has given me the opportunity to embody service to all humanity in an efficient way. All this is not easy to find, but for me, it came all by itself. 

R. One of the things that characterizes you is that you are very serious about laughter in your practice.

N. Very serious about laughter! (Laughs)
In China it is very important, and Dr Pang really emphasized it. But more and more Teacher Wei emphasizes it. He talks about how happiness is a mark of improvement in one’s life. It suits me fine to understand life as an improvement of happiness. 

R. What else would you like to share with us?

N. For me, the point is to be true to myself and have a genuine practice that can bring us back to a state of unity. This is very precious. 

R. It is beautiful to know that we are a community. This is very empowering.

N. It is also heartwarming and heart softening. It is easier to open the heart to those who are closer

R. Thank you Nicolas for your time

N. Thank you very much