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Practice Groups

You can find a list of current Mingjue practice groups in various countries and languages. At the moment, all groups practice online via Zoom.

For more information, please contact the teacher below.


Special: Free online sessions in English language organized by The World Consciousness Community with various international teachers: Thu 19.30-21.00 CET & Sat 19.00-20.30 CET (Paris time) – everyone is welcome to join the live online sessions via Zoom! NOTE: our free online sessions are paused from Feb 21, 2021 on. We will inform you here,  when our free online sessions continue.

More international Mingjue practice groups (free and paid online courses):


  • Sara Quinn (UK): hello@heartsqi.co.uk
  • Harmony (New Zealand): withasmile@xtra.co.nz


  • All mornings & Mon & Fri with Ana Barrios Camponovo (Spain): zhinengcuenca@gmail.com
  • Tue & Thu with Lou Padin & Lau Peralta (Argentina): 1000grullas.terapiaqigong@gmail.com
  • Mon, Wed & Thu with Marie Xinlan (Mexico & Spain): hola@origenqi.es
  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri with Oscar Silva & Mayra C. (Mexico): darconcorazon@gmail.com
  • Mon & Fri with Teresa Coral (Spain): teresacoral@gmail.com
  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri with Yrmgard Cosson (Venezuela): yrmgard@gmail.com
  • Tue & Thur with Flavia & Federico (Gran Campo Zhineng Qigong Mexico): info@grancampo.com


  • Wed & Fri with Rossella Baccolo & Delia Trezza (Italy): delia.trezza@gmail.com


  • Mon with Jonathan Mishaiker (Israel): jonyael@zahav.net.il
  • Thu with Yossi Morgenstern (Israel): yossimem@gmail.com


  • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri with Nicolas Lovet-Durbet (France): www.1conscience.net/soins-par-mingjue
  • Mon with Marie Granger (France): aujourdhui.deuxmains@free.fr
  • Svetlana Egorova Rossier (Switzerland): gymsvet@gmail.com


  • Birgit Becker-Petersen (Germany): zhineng-qigong@t-online.de
  • Wan Fung Got (Germany): info@zhineng-qigong-zentrum.de


  • Tue & Thu with Thomas Korponai (Hungary): korponaitom1990@gmail.com


  • Yvonne Hoeboer (Belgium): yvonnehoeboer@gmail.com