mingjue pure consciousness


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

How can I register for an online course?

Please contact one of our organizers for registration and course fee payment. You can find a list of our organizers in the course description.

Do I need previous knowledge to be able to practice Mingjue?

You don’t need any knowlegdes to practice Mingjue. You only need to open yourself and experience Mingjue practice.

What is the difference between mindfulness and mingjue?

Mindfulness is a state of being conscious or aware in the present moment without interpretation or judgment. Mindfulness is a prerequisite towards Mingjue. Mingjue – pure consciousness – is a state in which the consciousness itself becomes self-aware.

What does "awakening" mean?

In short, awakening means that the consciousness knows the state of itself in the present moment.

How often should I practice Mingjue?

The more often, the better. 🙂 Mingjue practice should be integrated into daily life to get the best effects. Mingjue practice includes the practice of meditation and qigong methods, but to maintain a stable and centered consciousness state in daily life is the key.

Do I need to know Qigong to practice Mingjue?

Knowledge of Qigong is not a prerequisite for Mingjue practice. Mingjue practice includes qigong methods, but these are very easy to learn. Actually you can either practice Mingjue meditation or combine it with qigong movements which is more effective for your whole body and health. Teacher Wei teaches Mingjue meditation as well as simple and effective Zhineng Qigong practices in Mingjue entirety state.

Is it difficult to learn and practice Mingjue?

It is not difficult to learn Mingjue. We recommend a course in which you learn systematically Mingjue step by step.

Where can I learn Mingjue?

Currently teacher Wei offers Mingjue courses only online. Go to “Courses” to see our online Mingjue courses. If you want to get an impression of Mingjue practice, please watch our videos in our YouTube channel.

What are the benefits of Mingjue practice?

The Mingjue state is very peaceful, very relaxed, very free, very harmonious. Through Mingjue practice we can go beyond our attachments, free ourselves from attachments that cause blockages, suffering, emotional imbalances, health problems etc. With Mingjue practice, the potentials of our consciousness will develop and become more powerful – we learn how to manage life as a master who is not controlled by feelings, old patterns or any attachtments anymore. And with Mingjue we can transform our qi body deeper to a healthy state.

Is mingjue a religious practice?

We don’t call Mingjue practice a religious practice. Mingjue practice is mainly based on the Hunyuan Entirety Theory from Dr. Pang, the founder of Zhineng Qigong and Qigong Science.