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The World Consciousness Community

Community Membership

Improve everybody’s consciousness and life within the world consciousness field.
Improve the world consciousness field together with everybody’s improvement.
Make a completely new life for everybody, create an awakening, beautiful and harmonious world.

Everybody who feels connected to our community, to the world consciousness field and wants to go deeper into consciousnesss practice can become a member of The World Consciousness Community by joining the Zhineng Qigong Mingjue Academy long-term trainings.

There are four levels of membership based on the progressive levels of training through the academy.

The first level membership

Everybody can become the first level of membership, who joins our 1-year Mingjue Gongfu training program.


  • Join the one-year training program (online or recording)
  • You can get the video and audio recordings of the eight-month mingjue gongfu course in step-by-step modules.
  • Join the one-year teacher training (online or recording) to become a Mingjue Gongfu teacher certificate, if you pass the exam.

Option 1: Pay 1000 USD or 840 EUR for our one year training course
Option 2: Pay 1040 USD or 880 EUR in 2 or 3 installment payments for our one year training course

The second level membership

If you have joined the 8-month Mingjue Gongfu training or the 1-year training program, then you are qualified to join the second level of membership.


  • Join the one- year training (online or recording)
  • After you finish the one year first level of membership training, you are qualified to join the second level of membership.
  • If you registered for the teacher’s exam in the first level membership and have successfully passed your teacher’s exam, you can join the community teaching group and be listed on our website.
  • If you have a group of students, you can apply for joining the community organizer group from teacher Wei.

Option 1: Pay 600 USD or 500 EUR for one year training in the community.
Option 2: Pay 640 USD or 540 EUR in 2 or 3 installment payments

If you bring two new particpants to join the first level membership, you can get a 50% discount (you only need to pay 300 USD or 250 EUR).

As a second level member in the community, you support and serve in the community. 

The third level membership

After you have finished the one year second level training, you can join the third level membership.


  • Join the one-year training program (online or recordings)
  • If you are a Mingjue Gongfu teacher, you can join the community teaching group and be listed on the website.
  • If you have a group of students, you can apply for joining the community organizer group.


  • Every year, you only need to pay 300 USD or 250 EUR community membership.
  • If you bring two new people to join the community first level membership, you don’t need to pay the fee.

As a third level member in the community, you support and serve in the community.

The fourth level membership

Organizers and people who do important service for the community can become fourth level members.


  • Learn and practice in the community for free.
  • Have some special training with teacher Wei.


    • Promote The World Consciousness Community, organize more participants to join the community.
    • Manage your group as a small community, support everybody to improve their life well (see the organizers’ work)
    • Attend meetings with teacher Wei to discuss about the development of The World Consciousness Community.
    • Support and offer your services in the big community

Why do we join The World Consciousness Community membership?

1, In the community academy, you can learn high level laws of life and the universe.
2, You will get support from community members.
3, The community consciousness field will help your consciousness become purer and more stable and positive.
4, The community consciousness field will support the qi field in and around your cells, organs, body and family to become stronger and more harmonious
5, Consciousness field will give you power. Your social relationships will become more harmonious; your life will become safer and more successful; you can get health, peace, happiness and freedom more easily.
6, The community consciousness field can support you to practice deeper and improve life faster.
7, Merge self in the community consciousness field, your world view and life view will change, heart will open more, your true self and universal love will gradually appear. All your transformations will intensify the world consciousness, thus realize your life value together with all the community members in the infinite entirety.
8, The group practice in the community can help you to build good self-discipline.
9, Our program is designed over one year, it covers different aspects of human life and gathers the essence of practice together. Repeatedly follow this long-term practice program, your old patterns and life habits will change, your practice state will go deeper and deeper, life will become more and more beautiful.

Membership Guidelines

1, All the practitioners are welcome to become members of our community.
2, The relationships between the members are brotherhood and sisterhood, teachers, and students.
3, All members need to actively and consciously merge with the world consciousness field for support in purifying and stabilizing one’s own consciousness and the qi field as well as the family qi field.
4, All members should unite, support each other, and contribute love for enhancing the world consciousness filed and for building a harmonious life and world consciousness field as a life mission. During practice, all members should consciously connect to each other with mingjue universal love.
5, The organizers have to help each member to merge with the community consciousness field for supporting their life to develop quickly, and in turn enhance the world consciousness field.
6, Teachers and organizers should tightly work together for building a strong field of consciousness, information and qi worldwide.
7, All the members should love self, family, country and all humans.
8, All the members must maintain harmony between each other, and don’t make conflicts with others. If a member makes strong conflicts in the community, organizers will issue a warning. If the member’s behavior still does not change, that person will be removed from the community.

Comunity membership


The universe is a big qi field.

Heart to heart form our consciousness field.

Love to love is good information field.


We together improve to a high level.

I am within you, you are within me.

We are a consciousness family.


We are a harmonious world.