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benefits of mingjue practice

In times of adversity it can feel like the material fabric of our lives is totally unravelling. Much information is received by our consciousness every day – consciously or unconsciously. This information can make a lot of waves, pressure, and conflict in our consciousness and can effect our physical and emotional health. But also information from your past experiences, such as stress, trauma, or other life circumstances can be the cause for anxieties, fears, insecurities, fixations  etc. or constant feelings of worry, nervousness, tensions or unease, in your life.  And it can be the cause for illnesses.

But there is a still point between the in breath and the out breath. A deep timeless presence beneath the waves of the ocean that unconditionally embraces and transcends all of life. We call this centred and powerful consciousness Mingjue. Just being the pure reality of being aware is perfection, happiness, and contentment itself. It is an independent state of pure consciousness not dependent on external conditions.

When consciousness has a strong connection to the body inner space, qi (life enery) is better maintained in the body. Life is an interconnected whole and this entirety manifests on qi, consciousness, and body. These three levels always merge as one. But as we grow up with increasingly more conditioning and attachments, this totality gradually become separated more and more. The connection starts to become lost. So now we practice recovering the complete wholeness state. When we practice, the entirety state manifests on these three levels. Thus, through Mingjue practice we can achieve self-healing on all levels.

Not only can we find healing by practicing Mingjue, but also it makes our life sustainable more abundant, peaceful, balanced and happier.


opening, awakening for healing & improving life

mingjue - heal your life

Mingjue practice is a way to makes our consciousness clearer, purer, and more stable. We can go beyond all fixed patterns, emotions, pain and suffering.

Through Mingjue practice we will see through and free ourselves from blockages.

When we reach a harmonious and stable mind state, the emotions and the energy of the whole body will be balanced. Illnesses will be cleared away.

A high level stable Mingjue is a free, peaceful, happy, healthy, and harmonious consciousness state.