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teacher Wei Qifeng

His life & vision

Teacher Wei has been practicing Zhineng Qigong for 30 years and is an internationally known and dedicated Qigong teacher, trainer and healer. Since he became a Zhineng Qigong teacher in 1995, he has been dreaming that all people will find happiness, health and freedom and that the world will be harmonious and peaceful. For this reason, he has travelled all over the world to teach Qigong and the essence of a healthy, free and happy life.

In 1991 teacher Wei learnt Zhineng Qigong and found inner peace. He attended the two year Zhineng Qigong teacher class training at the Huaxia Center from 1993 to 1995. When he graduated, Dr. Pang Ming wrote him “nu li wei Zhineng Qigong shi ye feng dou; hunyuan ling tong”. This means “put all your effort into spreading Zhineng Qigong”, and it has inspired teacher Wei ever since. In 1995, teacher Wei began to work as an editor at the Huaxia center, where he usually guided the morning and evening practices for the Huaxia staff. He was also part of a small group that used to teach new methods that were developed by Dr. Pang. In the beginning of 1999, teacher Wei transferred to the No. 3 Healing Department.

In 2007, teacher Wei and several other qigong teachers founded the Harmonious Big Family Daohearts (www.daohearts.com) to support Zhineng Qigong worldwide. Their dream is to build a Harmonious Big Family as a new way of life.

Teacher Wei is one of the founders of The World Consciousness Community. He is committed to qigong science, offers healing retreats, teachers training courses and qigong online courses and free online sessions. In addition to his work, he has been involved in qigong research projects.

In 2020, for the first time teacher Wei organizes a long-term program “Mingjue Gongfu training online course” that provides the particpants a deeper understanding for life and intensive Mingjue practice for sustainably improving health and life on Zhineng Qigong consciousness level as well to train Mingjue Gongfu teachers.

Wei Qifeng


“I practiced Qigong 30 years, learnt many methods. What I discovered is it’s better if you practice just a few simple methods deeply.

If you practice many kinds of methods your consciousness information becomes separated.

It’s like when you want to make a well under the earth. You need to focus on one place and go deeper and deeper. Dig, dig, then the water will come out. If you are always looking for a new place, keep changing the place, going from place to place, just touching the surface. Then you can never find the water deep in the earth.”