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Teacher Wei and his qigong friends of the Harmonious Big Family founded “The World Consciousness Community” on 19 January 2018.

It’s a community based on pure consciousness connection to build a worldwide consciousness field of Mingjue practice, to connect practitioners heart to heart in the Mingjue state, to support each other, and to enhance to a higher consciousness level for peace, freedom, healing, love, happiness and harmony for each individual as well for the whole world.

Since 2018, teacher Wei has offered many online sessions on Mingjue practice and the world consciousness field. The World Consciousness Community has been growing ever since. Practitioners from all over the world have startetd to practice Mingjue and have made beautiful experiences and changes in their lives. We are very happy and thankful that our community is growing and that many practitioners are joining us on our journey. In 2020, the community is mainly connected by social media and messenger apps as well through online sessions lead by teacher Wei.

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The World Consciousness Community

heart to heart for a peaceful and harmonious world &
for a healthy and happy life