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pure consciousness

“It is like we have a deep treasure hidden inside ourselves at the bottom of the ocean. But few people realize it because they cannot see it. But with Mingjue practice we can experience it. Our pure consciousness is our greatest treasure and our whole life becomes more peaceful and harmonious, full of universal love. Consciousness is the master key.”


Ming (明) means “clear”, jue (觉) means awareness or observation. So Mingjue together means: consciousness knows itself clearly. It’s like the awakening state of consciousness. Mingjue can be described as awakening consciousness, pure consciousness or the pure observer.

This centred, mingjue level, independent consciousness state naturally, transcends the limitations of the material world. This means that the changing material conditions cannot destabilise our pure consciousness, But our pure consciousness can go through, transform and harmonize our life.

Mingjue can have many levels, at the first level consciousness starts to realise itself. In the beginning it may not very pure or stable. But at this stage consciousness is just starting to wake up and become aware of itself. This is the preparation to Mingjue. Gradually with practice we cultivate more refined states of awareness.

Mingjue is the consciousness level practice of Zhineng Qigong. Zhineng Qigong is a known as one of most effective Qigong forms. In the beginning level we focus on body level practice progressing to qi level practice then to higher level consciousness practice.

At the ultimate level Mingjue is enlightenment. A state of being. However, Mingjue should not only be seen as a practice to achieve the highest level of consciousness, enlightenment, but as a way to achieve a centered, harmonious and balanced state. As a practice we train our pure consciousness through sitting, standing and dynamic meditations. We train the Mingjue state in all postures whether sitting standing, walking, running or lying down. Moment to moment in all aspects of our daily lives.

Mingjue Explained By Teacher Wei

Listen to teacher Wei’s explanation in this video.


In Mingjue practice, we mainly focus on improving a high-level quality of a life. Once a person’s consciousness and qi improve to a high level, physical and psychological problems as well as problems in society can transform and disappear naturally. Our life will be healthier, freer and happier.

Mingjue training is not only to achieve a higher quality of life for yourself, but also to intensify and purify the global consciousness field, thus to create a harmonious, healthy and peaceful world. The World Consciousness Community is based on pure consciousness connection to build a global consciousness field of mingjue practice, to connect practitioners heart to heart, to support each other for creating a healthy, peaceful and harmonious life for everybody and the world.

The World Consciousness Field

When we practice pure consciousness together, full of peace and universal love, we create a powerful energy field. This energy field will support and uplift the consciousness of each practitioner.
Connecting with the world consciousness field is the way to practice and improve the individual consciousness field. Each individual consciousness is improved by connecting with the world consciousness field. We use our consciousness to change our lives and others. Help the world.
When everybody focuses on the positive experience and shares positive information, it makes a resonance in the world consciousness field. It will vibrate and become stronger, leading the direction of transformation in our world. You will feel everything change. At the same time, we need to know you are the master. Your pure consciousness is stable and independent yet interconnected to the totality of life.




Everything is qi.
The earth is qi space, body is qi space.
Body is a qi space which open to the whole universe
Each inner organ is qi space open to universe
Each cell is qi space open to universe.

The awaking of your consciousness

If your consciousness is not awakened yet, it can be described like you are the master in your life, because use your mind or consciousness, but you don’t know you are the master, so we say you are “sleeping master”. Because consciousness is sleeping, not yet awakened. It feels it is the physical body and is controlled by physical conditions and the material world. It seems that body and qi controls consciousness because it is lost in the conditions of the physical world.

So it seems you are a slave and not a master. But in reality, you are still the master. The body always follows consciousness to move. Where your consciousness goes, qi (life energy) flows. That means if your consciousness gives information, qi will follow the information and make change. Your consciousness is the master. The only thing is, sometimes the master is sleeping. But through practice it can become an awakened master. Trust your consciousness because consciousness is the master not the slave.

The peaceful consciousness is a very harmonious state. This state merges with the problem qi place. The problem qi where there is disorder. The orderly consciousness will transform the disorder into order. The problem will disappear. When you observe very deep, the more stable consciousness will become.

The observer is a great master. Like a master artist. Pure consciousness is like a clear mirror reflecting the whole universe. Observation is a very good healing! If you want to heal some problems in your body, you just need observe through that place, deeper and relax. Trust your consciousness has the information to transform that place into a perfect state. We do not focus on healing problems. Yet it is the highest form of healing. When consciousness connects with pure qi naturally the body improves, even without thinking about the body.

The present moment pure consciousness is the most precious thing in our life and the foundation of human society. So together we must take care of this, for the benefit of human society and the planet. Our consciousness can harmonize and transform all the social consciousness information. We don’t only make this individually but also in a group. In a strong worldwide awakening consciousness field, this becomes easier. When you merge with the high-level consciousness field, the good information will transform your life. Collective positive information will constantly change your life.