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“Through Mingjue practice, you can reach a harmonious and stable mind state, balance the energy of the whole body, and clear away physical and emotional problems.”
– teacher Wei Qifeng

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Return to your natural, harmonious, free pure consciousness

We can understand pure consciousness “Mingjue” as our inner observer that achieves a state of self-awareness and a state of awakening. Mingjue is the level of pure consciousness that goes beyond all feelings, thoughts, concepts and emotions. It is a state of consciousness directly reflecting itself.

Through Mingjue practice, we can return to our natural, harmonious state and go beyond the control of old thinking patterns, beyond conflicts and fears in the mind. Thus, the beautiful state of openness, acceptance, happiness, freedom, peace and true love will appear by itself.

Experience the power of your pure consciousness

awaken your
consciousness & heart

balance & vitality

Cultivate a healthy state on consciousness, body and emotional level.


Go beyond! Liberate from old patterns and release yourself from fixations.

opening & awakening

Open and experience awakening - a higher level of consciousness.


Mingjue practice supports your physical and emotional healing on a deeper level.


From separation to wholeness - return to your natural complete being.

happiness & harmony

Cultivate a happy and harmonious state for yourself and for your environment.


discover a new life with your pure consciousness

In a state of pure consciounsess you become self-aware  – this is Mingjue. Once you become self-aware, your life will have a great change and a new shift. Through self-awareness  you can free yourself from old patterns and fixations that are the cause of physical and emotional poblems and suffering.

You will learn how to go beyond unhealthy attachments and limitations and merge with the higl-level consciousness field. You will learn how to integrate your natural being of consciousness, heart and body as one.

Discover that you have the power with your pure consciousness to shift yourself into a higher level of happiness, peace, inner freedom, love, vitality and abundance. 

What participants say about Mingjue practice

Due to some deep sorrow, I recognize my mind always being contracted; during the time I am able to remain in shenji palace my mind relaxes, it opens and let go all tensions in the body, my heart opens and my whole body is smiling. The more I return to shenji, the more relaxed and happy I am.
A. from Italy
I am having a very busy day. But in the midst of busyness I paused for a moment, connected and felt total peace and relaxation. Felt a total completeness. A wholeness.
S. from UK
The practice of Mingjue with the wonderful and deep daily observation is helping me to change naturally. The intention disappears and everything happens by itself. The Mingjue state not only allows me to be more at peace with my surroundings, but to be at peace with myself.
A. from Spain

The essence of healing

“We use the harmonious life order that is created by our pure consciousness observation to replace the disorder life that is created by unawareness and emotions – this is the essence of healing!”

Wei Qifeng